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Why Uruguay Is The Tech Hub For Startups

The South American Standout

Uruguay is a small country in South America famous for its tenacious soccer team, its beautiful shores and its delicious barbecues. A laid-back piece of land permeated by Italian and Spanish traditions. A place where people have a strong sense of secularism and a great respect for democratic values.

Uruguay is, by all accounts, the most unusual country of South America, and not only in cultural terms.

Amidst the unstable environment that characterizes the region, Uruguay has managed to thrive thanks to its political and economic stability. The country has proven to be especially suited for foreign investments and has drawn the attention of the software industry in particular.

Big companies like New Context, NetSuite and even Microsoft have chosen to work with Uruguayan partners or have opened offices in the country.

But what makes Uruguay an interesting option for Startups?

Uruguay promotes technological progress

In an effort to improve technological literacy, Uruguay has made sure every school child has access to a computer. In addition, the state owned company ANTEL offers free broadband for everyone and is building up an optical fiber network to reach every nook and cranny of the country.

Uruguay boosts the software industry

Uruguay provides tax exemptions to software companies that export their services and has become the largest software exporter in the region, beating its two giant neighbors, Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay is ideal for American companies seeking nearshore service providers because it’s on a similar time zone as the United States and their programmers are highly qualified professionals.

The Switzerland of the Americas

The country has the highest literacy rate of South America and most Uruguayans are perfectly able to communicate in English. Because of its low crime rate, transparent business climate and high quality of life, Uruguay presents itself as a safe and reliable market.

This country has a lot of strong resources and a lot of potential for software development. If you have a startup and you wish to keep growing, Uruguay offers great opportunities.

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