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Detroit as a tech hub is a completely viable option, and companies building out of the city have a range of different vendors, firms and agencies that can support their engineering build and help them to create and deploy platforms and services. There is a thriving ecosystem of funded companies based out of the city and wider michigan that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in VC and angel funding, and they are enabled by the developer and engineering communities working out of the Detroit area. Detroit app developers are working on companies from ride sharing to ride automation, and their approach is cutting through.

There are number of solutions for website design, but many small to medium-sized business owners prefer going local for their website design services. It makes sense to work face-to-face with your partners and also support your own community with your dollars. Detroit has a number of top-notch web design firms that provide a full-range of services to business of all types and sizes. Now that you’ve decided to invest your time in the upgraded design of your website, here’s a list of the top ten firms in Detroit.


Rootstrap - Tech Driven Innovation

Rootstrap are a leading design, development and engineering agency with global offices and a strong Detroit presence. They work across multiple industry verticals, with clients from Salesforce to Snoop Dogg, and have a history of delivering platforms that launch, raise funding, and find a market fit. Rootstrap are tech heavy and are unafraid of embracing the cutting edge in order to deliver smooth and streamlined platforms, websites and products.

One of the leading iPhone, web and product development agencies, Rootstrap have marquee client experience and a recognizable roster of brands who trust their services.

Basso Design Group – Focus on Brand Engagement

Since 2003, Basso has focused on the premise of “brand addiction.” They work with companies of all size to drive brand loyalty via engagement, purchasing, and a long-term customer lifecycle. Their website design and app development services are comprehensive including everything from artistic photography all the way to a content management system.

Brand engagement is important, and the identity it fosters and allows is something many companies skip over completely or never take seriously - both of which are serious mistakes. If you do want to establish a persona and a front that stand out and create loyalty, finding a provider that works heavily in that space is important.

Teal Media – For Nonprofits

With the tagline “creative with a conscience”, Teal Media leads with their focus on transparency, honesty, and working for a better world. The majority of their clients are nonprofit organizations. In a customer review from an online publication company, it was stated “They provided in-depth research, fresh designs, and created a new identity package for the publishing company. They are incredibly talented, but are also the most down-to-Earth people you can imagine.”

In any list of app development companies in Detroit, specialist agencies will stand out. They know and own a specific vertical can bring a wealth of knowledge that is niche and hard to come by from other firms. These folks are able to provide that for the non-profit space, and it makes them the perfect fit for clients with that criteria.

Kaleidico Digital Marketing – Bring in Leads

Located in Flat Rock, this digital marketing firm offers web design as a service for both hourly and a flat fee. Kaleidico Digital Marketing considers themselves to be a hustling agency – one that is never going to remove itself too far from its roots. Concerning specifically web design services, one customer says, “We have seen our site traffic increase threefold in the time they’ve been working with us.” If you want to get a feel for the way they run their company, check out their podcast and learn a bit about what they can teach you.

Although Kaleidico do specialise in digital marketing, their web development is a core service and they have a qualified team working across the latest tech and design trends.

Ralph Walker Designs - Personalized Services

Ralph Walker Designs is a smaller company than some others on the list but their size does not stop them from delivering big results. The company has a bigger focus on web design that others on the list, it is estimated that about half of their business is made up of web design projects. Another advantage of working with a smaller company is your access to the owner. Several customer reviews mention speaking directly to him, including “you can call the owner of Ralph Walker Designs directly, and he will respond to whatever issue you have within minutes.”

If you’re looking for that level of personalized service, it’s a good option. You’re going to have a service provider who will dedicate their time to your project, and you won’t be just another number on an invoice.

collideascope – A focus on SEO

A quick glance at the collideascope website and you can see just how good their work can be for your brand. Previous clients include Aetna, Te-Nehisi Coates, and Amazing Healthcare Consultants. They place an emphasis on SEO and Paid Media Advertising so if you find this to be especially important the company is right to reach out to. That kind of hybrid approach gives you the option of doubling down on the development without sacrificing the traffic, lead generation or marketing aspects of web design, and a one stop shop that can focus on bringing in the punters is one to consider.

SEO changes pretty quickly, and having a team on top of it will pay off, if you’re not ready for a specialist development or design agency.

Brown Box Branding – Award-Winning Responsive Design

One of the reasons Brown Box Branding is one of the top companies in Detroit is its award-winning responsive design. A site that is responsive works on any device, so no matter what device the customer is using they get a positive experience on the website. On their website they state, “We elevate our client’s brands by doing the work that enables them to dominate their competition.”

You do have to watch out for firms with too many awards (awards don’t always equal useable products…) but these folks are the real deal and are recognized for their creativity and branding.

Blue Winds Media – Design and Content

Blue Winds Media offers services like social media marketing, SEO content creation, and PPC campaign management but their focus is on intuitive branding. In a recent customer review, it was stated that “From the first test project, Blue Winds Media did a great job of returning all deliverables. They take direction, work quickly, and manage customer relations well.” Much of their design is on WordPress sites and they are ranked as a top WordPress Agency.

They also push deep into content territory, and that kind of media production is what allows companies to take their platforms from zero to hero. Without solid content, no amount of engineering expertise or know-how is going to move the needle…

Momentum – Thoughtful Small Business Growth

Focused on small business owners, Momentum is all about web design to maximize your sales. Customers are attracted to Momentum for their end-to-end offerings but the company also offers a la carte options for web design projects. They offer custom-designed, responsive websites.

If you aren’t a major company with an endless budget, a small business focused agency will be the winning move. They’ll understand your specific needs and challenges, and they’ll know how to make their services work inside your opportunities and limitations. These folks are the prime example of an SMB focused group who’ll come in with the right context and solutions.

TGAE Group – For Church Ministries

Although they work in a targeted niche, TGAE Group is making a name for itself in the approach to church ministry websites. TGAE Group is one of the most affordable options on the list because of its commitment to affordable solutions for nonprofits. They have a specific focus on responsive sites that are easy to use and reflective of the specific organizational culture.

Again, the niche focus is super appealing. When you’re in a space as tailored as Church and Ministry, it’s even more important. The nuances of the vertical mean that a non-expert firm are going to miss the demographic and come into the project without the background that gives it a boost, and it’s going to be a lot harder.

In 2019, web development is the key to operation, because there are no non-tech companies anymore. Without the basics like a platform or a hub that supports your products and your mission, without a solid layout and an intuitive interface, your company can stall before it gets off the ground. A study presented in The Real Business of Web Design, it was found that 94% of negative impressions on websites were design related. This means that the details matter!

Another study conducted in 2011 and released in the Journal of Behaviour & Information Technology found it takes .05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. With opinions forming rapidly, you don’t have time to convince with anything besides the look and feel of your site. Evidence shows the value of a strong website – whether you are a product or a service.

Selecting the right company for web design services can be difficult. There are a number of strong options in Detroit, Michigan. Any of the ten companies listed can help a business grow. Reach out to these teams to work on a complete web design project or see if your company fits theirs!

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