A few resources on our process, our philosophy, and our strategies in mobile app development.


This is our playbook – a summary of our thought process, internal culture, core methodologies, and collaborative tools. It’s an extensive look at how we do what we do at Neon Roots.

Digital Marketing Starter Guide

A guide to Neon Root’s proven strategies for increasing a brand’s online visibility and converting leads into customers through targeted SEO, campaign marketing, and focused content creation.

Agile Software Development Agreement & SOW

If you’re thinking about working with Neon Roots, here’s our simple, standard Service Agreement that you can browse through to get a sense of how we like to work in an agile engagement.

Exploring Agile & Scrum

A guide to the inner workings of the Agile methodology that Neon Roots & Rootstrap employs when developing new mobile apps and products and the effective Product Owner / Development Team dynamic it creates.

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Build a Bulletproof Product and a Thriving Business

Whether you just have a bare-bones concept or already have a few users, understanding your customers’ pain points is the only way to build a business primed for growth. By diving deep into what your target customers want from your product, you can progressively iterate and improve your product so it catches like wildfire on its next launch.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about using customer development techniques to improve your product and grow your user base – and it’s filled with the same techniques that the Rootstrap team has used to help startups earn millions of dollars in funding and reach millions of users.

Ready to reach real people, get them excited about what you’re offering, and take your product and your business to the next level? Let’s get to it.

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