Top 7 App Developers in Kansas City

Mobile apps are a significant part of modern everyday life. They help us keep organized and stay connected to people around us. Even though we’re way past the nascent stages of smartphones, there is still a lot of space for fresh app ideas to simplify or enhance everyday tasks. If you have the next great app idea or just want an app for your business, choosing the right development team should be of utmost importance.

We’ve done all the hard work and picked the top app developers in Kansas City for you. This list of app development companies in Kansas has been created after going through client testimonials, reviews and inspection of what the companies have to offer.

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Rootstrap is a savvy design, development and engineering agency with global offices and a strong presence in Kansas City. The agency has served a wide variety of industries ranging from large corporations such as Salesforce, to musicians like Snoop Dogg. Rootstrap has a history of delivering successful platforms that launch, raise funding and establish themselves in the market rapidly. In a bid to be one of the most tech savvy companies in the country, Rootstrap is constantly innovating and implementing cutting edge solutions to deliver smooth and streamlined platforms, websites and products.

Rootstrap is one of the leading iOS and Android app development agencies that can deliver cross-platform apps with cutting edge technologies and a compelling user experience. The agency has marquee client experience with top brands who trust their services.


Prodjex is a full-service web consulting company based in Kansas City. The firm provides end-to-end web development services and specializes in building websites, web applications and SAAS platforms using the most efficient web technologies.

Prodjex also has expertise in mobile app development, working with Native, Xamarin, React Native or any other type of hybrid mobile development technology. If you have an idea for a mobile app but aren’t exactly technically proficient, Prodjex will help you choose the best platform for your new mobile app. The company focuses on creating mobile apps that have the flexibility to later transition smoothly into web applications to compliment your product.

Furthermore, if you already have a working app but would like to improve it, Prodjex will inherit any kind of application. The company will take its time to review your existing app and suggest the best path forward. Many companies will simply ask you to rebuild the app from scratch, but Prodjex claim that they’re happy to update and enhance any current application no matter the current condition.


PocketCake is a mobile development agency that specializes in custom app development for iOS and Android. Advertising themselves as full-service, PocketCake will listen to your app idea, analyze it and determine the best method to implement it. This includes evaluating the market to discover the competition so the app can be built in the right manner.

The agency utilizes interactive prototyping to ensure the client is fully onboard with the direction app development takes. The company takes care of the user interface and branding (logos, colors, fonts) if you’d like them to create a brand image for your app or company. Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager who works closely during all stages of development, ensuring the app takes form as envisioned by the client.

PocketCake has good experience in custom app development and has been involved with several high-profile apps.


Crema is an innovative and iterative tech agency that specializes in modern and agile development. Crema works with clients ranging from funded startups to top enterprises. The agency specializes in helping companies and individuals who are at different stages of the product development process.

For innovators launching a new initiative, app or startup, Crema will understand the idea and then devise a strategy on what direction to take. Oftentimes it can be hard to know the direction an idea should take and that is what Crema help you with. The product strategy involves an alignment session followed by design sprints with rapid prototyping and testing. This will validate or invalidate aspects of your idea depending on the market so you are armed with the right knowledge before going ‘all-in’.

For app development, Crema describes itself as full-stack with a focus on user experience. The agency’s developers always try to find the best way to adjust to client needs and to evolving product direction. The agency’s talentpool has experience in IoT, web, mobile, server, native applications and even chatbots, so whatever direction your ideas take, Crema will be well-equipped to handle them.

Built Well Studio

Built Well Studio is a development firm based in Kansas City and specializes in building web applications, mobile apps and websites. The company prides itself on quality application development and does not skimp on quality or functionality to secure greater margins on projects. The firm takes its time in planning, purposeful design and clean code to come up with applications that can be used without fault. Customer satisfaction is key to Built Well Studio’s success, and as such they have up-front pricing for builds and structured processes.

The agency can handle multiple aspects of your app idea. If your mobile app needs to talk to a web component, the development team will make sure that the systems are able to communicate efficiently and without any errors. For mobile apps, the firm’s process is to custom design every app that it creates. Many agencies have app templates that they recycle for different projects, thereby reducing the visual quality of the apps. Furthermore, the agency uses an iterative, cost-effective approach to build mobile apps using leading technologies such as React Native. This ensures that your apps are stable, secure, and easy to maintain.

ActiveLogic Labs

ActiveLogic Labs is a tech agency based in Kansas City with a team of senior software engineers and architects. The agency offers full-stack development services using cutting edge technologies for web, desktop and mobile platforms. With a design focus on high quality UI/UX, ActiveLogic Labs delivers apps that not only look good and are highly functional, but are great to use as well. The agency is able to build cutting edge native or cross platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows. They employ development languages and frameworks such as Swift, C#, React Native, Xamarin and Ionic. The agency is top-rated by Clutch, and as such is able to take on most app development projects out there, from conception to completion.

FlyNaut LLC

FlyNaut is an award-winning agency in Charlotte that has a global clientbase and serves Kansas City as well. The agency is full-service, and offers web/app development, business consulting, SEO, branding, inbound marketing and internet marketing. FlyNaut has good industry connections and as such will connect you to the right experts to help polish your app idea. The experts will also help you to turn your app idea into a sustainable business model.

The agency claims to deliver high-quality, affordable app development using cutting edge technologies. Mobile platforms covered by FlyNaut are iOS and Android. The agency’s marketing experience can also come in handy once your app launches and needs to accumulate a user base.

Conclusion / Final Section

It’s easy to get stuck in common factors such as budget and team members when choosing an app development agency. What’s more important however is to do a background check of the developers and what they’ve been able to deliver in the past. Client testimonials are a great way to get some insight which simply can’t be found by either talking to the developers or a simple skim through their website. Communication and openness-to-iteration are also key factors to choosing a great development team.

What you need to realize is that today, people’s expectations from apps are extremely high. Not only are they looking for an app that is a solution to a daily problem, but they expect it to look and feel great. That means user experience is paramount. A development team that understands and delivers on this will ensure your app gains traction when it comes to market.

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