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The popularity of mobile apps is well known to most, as the immense popularity of the mobile phone is impossible to miss nowadays. Most mobile apps are there to make everyday life easier, and anyone can come up with an app idea. Even though we might have passed the ‘app boom’ from a few years ago when seemingly everyone had a new app idea, there’s still a lot of room for innovation. If you think you have stumbled across the next great app idea, or just want an app that supports your business, then choosing the right app developer should be of utmost importance to you.

Apps are highly technical projects, and as such you need to be a pro yourself to understand what it takes to develop and launch a successful app. However, we’ve made the task of choosing an app developer easier for you. This list comprises of the best app developers in Las Vegas. We’ve picked the best Las Vegas app developers after going through scores of review websites and client testimonials so that you can truly know they are the best.


Rootstrap - Tech Driven Innovation

Rootstrap is a leading design, development and engineering agency with a focus on excellence. The company has global offices and a strong presence in a high competitive market such as Las Vegas. Rootstrap derives strength from its array of experiences serving tech giants such as Salesforce and musicians such as Snoop Dogg. This variety of experience gives Rootstrap the edge to tackle any app development project with great results.

The agency has a history of delivering platforms with excellence - platforms that launch, quickly raise funding and find footing in the target market. Rootstrap isn’t afraid of using innovative and cutting edge technology, which is why it’s able to surpass the client expectations. With marquee client experience with top brands who trust their services, Rootstrap will take on your app project and deliver.

TopFlight Apps

TopFlight Apps is an experienced app development firm with a focus on collaboration, design and development. The company employs a team of UI/UX designers, product designers, developers, and ex-founders to ensure that their solution to your app project will surpass expectations. Their design team works to create interfaces that increase engagement and conversions, while being elegant and easy to use.

TopFlight Apps’ developers have a wide skill set, being able to build native apps, responsive web apps, chatbots, IoT and even machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, the agency’s team isn’t afraid of adopting new technologies. As long as technology brings value to a problem, they’re happy to build using it. And to keep things simple, TopFlight Apps measures the success of a project if it helps their clients’ businesses grow.

Attract Group

Attract Group is a web and mobile development company that serves established businesses and startups alike. The company aims to build long-lasting relationships with its clients by offering a variety of services and delivering high quality projects.

Attract has a highly talented pool of individuals working as mobile developers. The agency offers development of native mobile apps for Android and iOS, whatever the complexity of your project may be. The company uses cutting technology for its mobile development.

For Android, Attract offers development in Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, REST API, Socket connection, Realm, OpenGL, RxJava, Android Nearby API and Core Location.

For iOS, Attract Group offers development in Swift, Objective-C, Clean Swift, Silver, Vulcan, Cocoa Touch and iOS SDK.

Killer Mobile Software

Killer Mobile is a Nevada-based mobile development company that has worked with numerous large and small organizations. The outfit has helped their clients launch dozens of highly successful apps into the market. To gauge their competence, checkout Killer Mobile’s own mobile app called ‘Total Recall’. It’s a high quality app and goes to show that these guys have what it takes to launch a successful app.

Killer Mobile usually developers 3rd party apps, but is ready to take on custom development if they feel the project is worth it. Their development team is pretty good, with over 25 years of combined experience. The firm offers development in quite a few mobile platforms, including Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian S60/S80.

Pharos Production

Pharos Production is a software development company established in July 2013 in Las Vegas, with development teams in Ukraine and Lithuania. Unlike other companies on this list, Pharos Production distinguishes itself with its focus primarily on modern financial technologies. The firm develops cutting edge custom solutions depending on its client’s requirements, and has significant experience in dealing with fintech projects.

If you have an app idea that revolves around cryptocurrency in any way then be sure then make sure you reach out to Pharos Production. Not only do they have great blockchain architects, but their mobile team will make sure your idea lands in the mobile space as well. Pharos offers mobile development in iOS and Android, easily the two biggest names in mobile. There aren’t many firms like Pharos that offer expertise in modern fintech and mobile app development.

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