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Mobile app development is a highly competitive market, as every business needs a mobile component to their main website or internal system. More than that, there are countless individuals and startups who think they have the next big app idea, and are looking for great app development teams to fully realize it with them. Many development companies offer mobile app development services but not all of them are particularly good at it, so we wanted to help you find the absolute best.

App development has its own set of techniques that must be implemented for an app to launch successfully. Apps are all about user experience, and that’s where most developers lack. We’ve created this list of top app developers in Nashville to make the task of choosing one easier for you. These best Nashville app developers were picked by us after going through review sites and client testimonials so that we could truly see the best as the best.


Rootstrap - Tech Driven Innovation

Rootstrap is a leading design, development and engineering firm that has worked with the biggest names in the industry. The company has global offices and a strong presence in Nashville. Having served clients like Salesforce and Snoop Dogg, Rootstrap has significant experience in developing big app projects that need to be executed flawlessly.

The agency has successfully launched platforms that quickly raise funding and gain traction in the intended market. Being a savvy company, Rootstrap isn’t afraid of using new and cutting edge technologies to deliver the best products to their clients. With marquee client experience and trust of top brands, Roostrap will exceed your expectations and deliver where it matters.

Twin Sun - Technical Advocates for App Development

Twin Sun is a software development agency based in Nashville with 40 years of collective experience in app development. The agency understands the challenges faced by those looking to hire the right development teams, and advocates the use of modern technology to solve problems. Having worked with hundreds of customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Twin Sun knows the software development process well.

The agency is prepared to take on your existing app or create one completely from scratch. From ideation to development iterations and deployment, Twin Sun will help you make the right decisions.

Worry Free Labs - Remarkable Digital Experiences

Worry Free Labs is an award-winning software consulting company based in Nashville. It’s a part of PointClear Solutions and specializes in digital strategy, UI / UX design, and app development and management. The agency is committed to driving digital innovation for its global clientele, positioning them to grow market share, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. For anyone who’s facing challenges in finding a reliable mobile development team, Worry Free Labs’ talented staff of strategists, designers and software engineers are here to help.

The agency has over a decade of designing and building digital products and has some notable client accomplishments including:

Mobile Mentor - Apps with Security & Support Services

Mobile Mentor was founded in New Zealand in 2004 and now operates in Australia and the USA. The company is focused on building custom mobile apps with enterprise-grade security and world-class support through its unique combination of mobile app developers, security engineers and support analysts. Mobile Mentor has a passion for unlocking the massive potential of mobile technology in the enterprise.

The agency works closely with its clients to develop mobile apps, secure their data and devices and support their users to be productive 24/7. They also focus on developing solutions with appropriate security and supporting services to drive adoption and make a real impact on the way people work. If you have an app idea that needs enterprise-level security and support, Mobile Mentor deserves a consideration.

AppZoro Technologies, Inc. - Bringing Your Imagination to Realityd

AppZoro is a high quality mobile app developer based in Atlanta with a presence in Nashville as well. AppZoro claims to be more than just another software development firm. From ideation, creation to launch, the company’s professional team of experts works with startups and enterprises to bring ideas to reality. AppZoro has several service areas, including mobile apps, web apps, IoT & other specialties and enterprises.

AppZoro places a special emphasis on UI / UX design, understanding the role it plays in a successful mobile app. The company’s talented in-house team of designers create intuitive, simple and engaging mobile interfaces. This helps to improve the overall user experience. Every app that the company works on gets custom-developed for each platform to ensure a high quality product. The company doesn’t believe in utilizing ‘universal’ solutions, so they tailor each mobile UI design to specific situations and requirements.

Helium - Design.Build.Deploy

Helium is a mobile app and web development company based in Atlanta with offices in Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh and Orlando. The company takes pride in having worked with clients in a wide range of industries including real estate, insurance, big box retail, restaurants, health & beauty, marketing, advertising and sports entertainment.

Helium has over 15 years of software development experience and includes a team of designers and developers dedicated to solving problems. The agency partners with industry leaders and innovators to create custom mobile applications, websites, tools and architecture.

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