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Are you looking for an app developer? Whether it’s for a personal app idea or an enterprise business, choosing the right mobile development team can mean the difference between a successful app, and an app that is infuriating to use. App development is a lucrative business, so countless development companies have popped up offering their services.

What you need to realize is that mobile app development is a specialty of its own. A web developer or traditional software developer will not necessarily be a great app developer. To help you choose the right mobile development team, we’ve done the hard work and picked the top app developers in Orlando. These top Orlando app developers have been picked after going through review sites and client testimonials to truly suss out the competition.


Rootstrap - Tech Driven Innovation

Rootstrap is a tech savvy design, development and engineering firm with global offices and a strong presence in Orlando. The agency has worked with the biggest names in any industry ranging from Salesforce to Snoop Dogg. With such diverse experience working with big-name clients, Rootstrap has the caliber to execute on an app project of any scale.

The agency has a history of building and delivering platforms that quickly raise funding and gain traction in their target market. Being a savvy technology firm, Rootstrap is not afraid of trying new tools and techniques in order to deliver a better experience for its clients. With marquee client experience and the trust of top brands, Rootstrap is perfectly geared to take on your app project, surpassing all expectations.

Appiskey - Ultimate Doorway to Web and App Development

Appiskey is a web and mobile development company based in Orlando, FL. With smartphone and tablet use common across Orlando, Appiskey can help local and national businesses take advantage of this growth and thrive with the help of mobile technology.

Appiskey understands the importance of mobile in the digital age, as it puts a business’s products and services right at the fingertips of prospects. The agency’s expertise in developing and marketing mobile applications has produced excellent results for its clients, including increase in lead generation, customer conversion and better ROI. The agency has expertise in iOS and Android, and also works on cross platform apps and games. With a development team that’s proficient in cutting edge mobile frameworks and languages, Appiskey will take your mobile project from start to finish successfully.

Core Mobile Apps - App Development, SEO and Web Design

Core Mobile Apps is a mobile development agency based in Orlando, FL that was spawned in early 2013 as a division of Core Media Concepts LLC. The agency’s team consists of a tight knit innovative group of mobile enthusiasts who use their collective knowledge to enhance mobile development efforts for clients. The team invites clients who have great ideas for custom mobile applications.

The agency’s experienced team can take on any projects in Android or iPhone/iPad, with a guarantee that your app idea will be developed to reach more, sell more and engage more. The company is headquartered out of sunny Orlando, Florida and has representatives and services clients across the US, including Central/South Florida, Georgia and Silicon Valley California.

Helium - Design.Build.Deploy

Helium is a web and mobile app development company based in Atlanta with offices in Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh and Orlando. The agency has worked with clients from a diverse range of industries, including real estate, insurance, big box retail, restaurants, health & beauty, marketing, advertising and sports entertainment.

The company has been in the business of software development for over 15 years and includes a team of designers and developers dedicated to bringing your vision of a mobile application to reality. The agency also has industry partnerships in place with leaders and innovators to create custom mobile applications, websites, tools and architecture.

BOLD! Technologies - Mobile Application Strategy, Design & Dev

BOLD! Technologies is a mobile development company based in Florida with a strong presence in Orlando. The company specializes in mobile app and web development, navigation tools and digital platforms. The agency created a unique initial niche for itself, working with startups all around the US. BOLD! Has many successful projects under its belt from which it is constantly learning. The company also admits that the occasional failure can be used to become better by learning what went wrong.

The agency understands that startups and new ideas are a unique model and BOLD!’s extensive experience in this niche helps them avoid much of the waste that occurs early on in an app’s development process. This helps BOLD!’s clients achieve profitable results more quickly.

Over time, BOLD! Has had the opportunity to work with larger companies, some who are looking to improve existing systems and some who want to start over with cutting edge technology.

Echo Interaction Group

Echo Interaction Group is a technology company founded in 2008, with hundreds of projects including the development of over 80 mobile applications for organizations varying from startups and small businesses, to Fortune 500 clients and the federal government. The company is based in Orlando, FL.

Echo’s primary business is in mobile app development, with 80+ apps developed to date. Echo is able to take charge of an existing app project or create a totally new app from scratch. The development team has worked on over 100 iOS and Android apps for all sorts of clients worldwide.

The company even works with cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence engines, virtual reality tactics, augmented reality tools, chatbots and conversational design and multicultural targeting.

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