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Mobile development is a hot industry and will be for the foreseeable time to come due to the sheer prevalence of mobile devices around us. Every business that wants to stay relevant and competitive has to introduce a mobile app of some sort so that they are just a few clicks away from their customers. If you have a business or an app idea to be developed, picking the right mobile development team can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there are lots of app development companies around. And we’ve done the hard work for you in picking the ones that deserve a look. The best app development companies in St Louis have great experience in developing and launching successful apps, and that’s precisely why we have chosen these great companies. We have picked the top app development companies in St Louis by going through review websites and client testimonials and choosing truly only the best we could find.

Sponsored - Rootstrap - Tech Driven Innovation

Rootstrap is an experienced engineering firm leading in design and development of cutting edge software products. The firm has worked with big names in the industry including Salesforce, Disney and Snoop Dogg. This sort of variety experience is hard to find in development firms, making Rootstrap in a niche of its own. The company has global offices and a strong presence in St Louis.

Rootstrap has consistently developed and launched platforms that quickly raise funding and gain traction in the target market. The agency’s talented pool of designers, developers and architects embrace new technologies and use cutting edge techniques to deliver the best product possible. With marquee client experience and trust of top brands, Rootstrap is perfectly equipped to handle any app development project.

Five Pack Creative - Big Things for Small Screens

Five Pack Creative is a mobile app development company based in Frisco, TX that serves clients in St Louis as well. Since 2008, the agency’s team has created iOS and Android applications for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. With a team composed of the industry’s best programmers, designers and quality assurance engineers, Five Pack Creative has earned the trust of its clients over 100 projects.

Five Pack has served a variety of industries, including medical, travel, retail, social media, gaming, music and more. With this sort of experience as well as a combined experience of 300 years across its teams, the agency is well equipped to handle any app development project. The company also offers training for its clients developer teams. With its holistic approach to mobile development, Five Pack offers everything you need from a reliable app development company.

SteadyRain - Internet Strategy, Design & Development

SteadyRain is a full service digital agency that was founded in 1999 with a mission to help businesses leverage rapidly-growing digital landscape and its potential. Ever since then, the company has provided solutions to grow its clients’ brands online, and now offers a suite of digital strategy services including web design, web app development, digital marketing and mobile app development. SteadyRain is based in St. Louis.

The agency emphasizes transparency and innovation through its work, with a team of 20 talented creatives who handle 95 percent of its projects. Outsourcing, which is an increasingly-popular practice, is still not done here unless a highly-specialized task presents itself which can be better handled by a trusted partner. The agency serves a variety of industries including banking, education, manufacturing and tourism.

Victory Enterprises - You Think It, We Build It, You Profit!

Victory Enterprises has a division dedicated to mobile app development called Victory Apps. The company is based in Davenport, IA and serves St. Louis. Victory Apps builds native and Android apps utilizing cutting edge tools and frameworks available for these platforms. Simply bring them an idea and the agency’s team will work with you through the creative concepts and then build it.

The company does not bill at an hourly rate. Rather, they examine your project and its scope and propose a fee for the cost of building it for iOS and or Android. The fee also includes 6 months of debugging after the app has launched.

Gemini Consulting & Services - Valued and Innovative Partner for Digital Services

Gemini Consulting & Services is a global services company headquartered in Missouri, US. The company is one of the major players providing IT consulting services in the Midwest region. With an in-house team that includes domain experts, highly qualified graduates from top engineering and business schools and professionals with years of experience, Gemini is geared to take app development projects of any scope.

The company offers a whole range of mobile development services, ranging from iOS and Android development to lesser-known platforms such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The company has a focus on enterprise projects and can develop custom apps that integrate with ERPs and other internal systems.

TJC Labs - We Shine Light on Your Idea

TJC Labs is a web and mobile development firm based in St. Louis and serves clients across the Midwest. The firm develops highly available web, desktop and mobile solutions utilizing the latest frameworks and technologies for these platforms. The agency has been developing for iPhone since 2009 and focuses on enterprise-level custom apps that integrate with internal systems. The company also offers app development services for startups and individuals, so if you have an app idea don’t hesitate to get in touch with TJC.

The company also offers custom iPad app development as well as Android development.

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