Our Full-Function Product Studio …

Welcome to NeonWaves NeonWaves

We do a good bit of building for ourselves, as well – as they say, all work and no play makes Jack... you get it.

We've released a number of internal products, games, and applications over the years, running the gamut from quick mobile games to extensive feature management programs. In aggregate, our internal products have accumulated more than 10 million downloads, $1.5 million in in-app purchases, and over 100 million pieces of user-generated content. Here are a few of our most recent releases:

  • Arbor

    Creating backlogs has never been this enjoyable. Featured as the #1 Developer Tool on Product Hunt and loved by tens of thousands of agencies, developers, and entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Pocket Buddy

    Care for your own pocket-sized plant friend – and earn some dankish in the process

  • Catwang

    Unleash your inner artist – and cat lover. Top featured app with more than 6 million downloads worldwide.

  • Sitcomd

    You and your friends star in your own 90s-themed sitcom intro. Featured twice by Apple.

  • Snoopify

    Glitz up your pictures with dank and bling from the big Dogg himself. Featured on the Wall Street Journal. 10m downloads around the world and 1.5mm in app purchase sales

  • Bumpy Riders

    Collect coins and stomp enemies – but be careful, it's a bumpy ride.

  • Swipe Warriors

    Unlock new characters by completing missions. Rule the leaderboard, compete with your friends, and see who can be the best Swipe Warrior!