Neon Roots

…takes an alternative approach by focusing on developing apps that deliver against their clients commercial objectives…
…a digital development agency with a mission to destroy the development model and rebuild it from the ground up.
…passionate about creating value in the world and helping digital entrepreneurs sharpen their focus and maximize their potential…
…taken their start up culture to new heights, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams through informative workshops, branding, and product building.
WestsideToday – Peter Lewis
Ben Lee of Neon Roots flipped the old model on its head by selling paid roadmapping to his clients.
Hubstaff – Andy Baldacci
They have a passion for app design that helps put them at the front of the app design pack.
10 Best Design
Neon Roots is exploring ways to serve as more than just an app developer.
Neon Roots takes a different approach to app development.
…sets realistic expectations for clients and ensures they understand an app's first iteration is unlikely to be the final release.
…clients should expect numerous internal releases that illustrate [Neon Roots’] dedication to serving as a business development shop…
FierceWireless – Daniel Kobialka
Neon Roots is itself bootstrapped, it is helping clients--an array of companies, celebrities, and individuals with ideas--scale, become booming startups.
Inc. Magazine – Christine Lagorio-Chafkin
…a tech company with a user-centric approach to development.
Huffington Post


Rootstrap’s numbers show that the process works.
Rootstrap alumni have a 13% chance of securing investment. Compared to the average startup... that’s a 2,600% increase in likelihood.
Rootstrap does away with the traditional model of blind guesswork.
Rootstrap allows you to take the money you would have spent on traditional development and try out ten ideas for the same price. – Chirag Kulkarni
Rootstrap doesn’t stop at determining whether your concept is solid, the team will build you a minimal viable product (MVP) to show investors.
Adweeek – Sherry Gray


…a great tool to have in the ideation phase that takes the hassle out of keeping track of feature ideas. – Erick Clifford

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