A Two-Week Intensive to Get Your Mobile App Idea Up & Running

Rootstrap is our crown jewel at Neon Roots: an intensive two-week workshop that takes an idea for a mobile app and turns it into everything you need to start a fully-fledged, sustainable business. It doesn't matter whether you've got a detailed business plan or just a vague concept: at the end of your Rootstrap, you'll be equipped to raise funds, start building, and get your mobile app off the ground.

A Los Angeles Mobile App Design Workshop Unlike Any Other

So what is Rootstrap, exactly? It's simple: it's a comprehensive two-week workshop that takes an idea and turns it into a roadmap for a sustainable business. We use a four part process that's been proven successful again and again.

Week 1

Week 1 is all about discovery, analysis, and preparation. We'll use this week to understand your business concept and make sure there's a market for the end product.


In the first phase, we'll drill down into your core concept to determine the key value proposition and give you a crystal-clear understanding of what your business is, what your business does, and why it's valuable to users. Having these variables clearly defined gives us a compass and a framework for developing your idea into a fully-fledged business.


With a clear understanding of the concept and value proposition, we'll answer the million dollar question: do people need this? We'll do a deep dive into the market, performing research and analysis to see if the market is favorable, then we'll test the idea with real users to get an understanding of the need and potential. If it doesn't look like the idea will fly as it stands, we'll head back to the drawing board to see how we can pivot to serve real needs. If everything looks golden, we'll head into roadmapping.

Week 2

With the idea in place and a market ready and waiting, it's time to map out a clear path to launch. During week 2, we'll create a step-by-step roadmap to development and a clickable prototype that will wow investors.


Here's where we get to the nitty-gritty of creating your product. We'll create a detailed feature list of everything your product does, also called a backlog, then prioritize to find out what's really crucial to launching the app. You can take this roadmap to any agile mobile app development company in the world and they'll know exactly what to do to build your mobile app – no questions asked.


With a backlog in place and prioritized, it's time for an MVP. We'll build a high-fidelity, clickable prototype of your app that's sure to get the message across to users, stakeholders, and investors.

Everything You Need for Mobile App Development

At the end of your Rootstrap workshop, you'll come out with everything you need to turn your mobile app idea into a stunning reality. Your Rootstrap materials will help you raise capital, start building, and get your mobile app business rolling:

Market-Validated Research

Clickable Prototype

Step-by-Step Development Roadmap

Our Mobile App Development Success Stories

Now, anyone can talk – but the proof is in the numbers. Thankfully, Rootstrap has plenty. We've run well over a hundred workshops since the start of the Rootstrap program, and we're proud to report that our alumni tend to have a very, very bright future in the mobile app and startup space. Just how bright? You do the math.

Our Metrics

Rootstrap Alumni

We're proud to say some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment have gone through the Rootstrap process, all with stellar results. Here are just a few of our alums:

Snoop Dogg

Tony Robbins


Let's Start Building Your Mobile App

Even if you're not sure you're ready to commit to a full Rootstrap, we'd love to talk with you. We've helped everyone from seasoned veterans to first-time entrepreneurs build beautiful mobile apps and successful businesses, and we'd be thrilled to do the same for you. So don't be nervous – say hey. Introduce yourself. After all, you never know: a quick phone call may turn into the thing that puts your mobile app – and you – on the map.

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