Epson's Moverio Smart Glasses


Making the Possibilities Real

The team at Epson Ventures built a beautiful, functional portal into Augmented Reality in their Moverio smart glasses, but they needed a way to impactfully demonstrate the full capabilities of the glasses. We came to them with a solution: a series of games and apps designed to be engaging and to demonstrate the full spectrum of AR & VR capabilities behind the glasses.

    Functional Debut

    Continuing to Innovate & Leverage Moverio

    The games were a huge success at CES, and we even had Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, play along and give us some feedback. As one of Espon's preferred vendors, we've had the privilege of working regularly with the Epson Ventures team in developing cutting-edge technology and content for their AR/VR smart glasses, striking key partnerships with industry leaders, and forging a path ahead that focuses on innovative applications of the glasses.

    Since then, we've continued building on the success of the games series. We've integrated Moverio glasses into our influencer content campaigns to increase brand recognition, and we've even figured out how to pilot a drone with them.

    And trust us: piloting a drone with smart glasses is seriously fun.

    Neon Roots Work - Epson Moverio Tester

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